The Journey to UX Development

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Welcome! My name is Ash Kulkarni, and I hope to provide an insight into my Journey to UX Development. I graduated from Boston University in May 2019 with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. At that time, I had only but vaguely heard of a concept of UXD, and did not think too much into it. As I joined Fidelity through the LEAP Program that June, Angular, Spring Boot, and SQL became centerpoints of interest in my mind. However, as someone who loves being creative, solving puzzles, and coding as a whole, I took on a role as a Software Engineer working with Pl/SQL. It was around the beginning of 2020 when I got the opportunity to work on an Angular app POC that I realized how much frontend work appealed to me. I would nitpick the smallest of details, play around with the displays and truly ENJOY working with pieces of code. From there, the desire to dig deeper began: I began to read books by Don Norman on emotional design, "The Design of Everyday Things", and books on how gender biases played AND STILL PLAY such a large role in how everything around us is built/designed. I began taking certification courses with the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF), and have been building the frontend of websites like this any minute I get. With that *brief* introduction, I'll Leave you to browse my portfolio. Please enjoy and reach out for any information or if you want to just chat about UX, because I have a lot to learn and I'm eager to jump of the train!